Wednesday, 25 March 2020

How to: Dinosaur Face Paint


Today we are showing you our step-by-step facepainting guide to a (kind of) full face Dinosaur.

Step 1

Take a light coloured face paint and cover your face with as many layers as needed to get a nice, even coverage. I used about 3/4 layers.

We didn't go for a full face but opted for an almost full 'mask' look. (Think like The Phantom of the Opera mask. The one on the poster rather than his face!)

We went up to the upper lip line and curved around the cheeks to create a 'mask' look. 

Step 2

Take a darker shade of green and begins to place your 'spots'. 

You don't want to have perfect shapes, think jagged ovals and curved rectangles. 

These can be placed anywhere on your face to create the effect. 

I put them on both cheeks and the forehead, going around the eyes. I put the odd few around the nose too.

Then add lines to your nose. I did 3 thick lines but you could add smaller lines around the nose as well. 

Step 3

Take another shade of green that isn't too similar to your light or dark paint. I used a 'khaki' colour here. 

Do smaller dots and ovals in the gaps and around your larger 'spots'. Keep them sparse and random. 

Then using a small brush, go around some of the edges of your larger 'spots' and fill in slightly. Make sure you fade the colour as best as you can so it isn't too 'block-y'.  

This gives extra depth to your spots. 

Step 4

Our optional step if you want to add a bit of glam to your dinosaur look!

Add some green glitter to some of your 'spots', keeping it random so you haven't got too many in the same area.

We also took a small eyeshadow blender brush and some glitter eyeshadow and placed this on some of the 'spots' too for some extra shimmer. 

Step 5

Take your eyeshadow blender brush and some dark green eyeshadow and layer it over your eyelids up to your brow bone (not the eyebrow itself). 

Fade this out around the edges to create a bit of a smokey eye and so that there are no harsh lines. 

All Done!

Add some Dino accessories, and your look is complete! 

See our video process below:

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